And now for something completely different..

So, I named this blog ‘A blog about things and stuff.’
It´s time for something other than powershell.

Apart from Code I do have a lot of interests,
the biggest one being music.
I listen to it, play it (Guitar, bass and whatever else i can get my hands on) and even run my own home studio.

And today one of my bands released our new album!
Necrophor – Reborn
On this particular album I play the bass, background guitar, Keyboard, and some additional battery.
Was thinking of doing vocals as well, but I had to leave something for the rest of the band 🙂
Jokes aside, a huge thanks to my fellow musicians,
Henrik ‘Hempa’ Eriksson – Vocals
Mikael ‘Strampan’ Strandberg – Drums
Henrik ‘Henrock’ Larsén – Guitars
And of course, the magician behind the mixing desk,
the man, the myth, the legendary
Thomas Skogsberg, Sunlight Studio – recording and mixing.

So, it is with great pride I give you Reborn.

You can find the full album on

And as an added bonus, if you pay for it, I get rich!

Until next time!