Silence is golden.

I bet you thought this was going to be a different song.

So, I have been of grid for a while now.. time to get going again.
I’ve had my summer vacation,
and decided that now was not the time to be a techie,
so I have not even started my computer once in over a month.
You should try that some time. It feels good.

But there has also been another reason for my silence.
Nervousness. Happiness. Random outbursts of feelings.
Why? Well, I´ll start you off with words from the man himself, @jsnover.
‘I love to hear stories about how people learn PowerShell,
And it makes their career go forward’
(Not exact quote, but he says that a lot).

In three weeks I am joining the ranks at Snow Software,
and it is not without pride I say that my new title is going to be PowerShell Developer.

When I told one of my friends about this, he asked
‘How come you ended up there?
You were supposed to be a musician, right?’
And as I told him the story of my life, Jeffrey’s quote above came to mind.
How did I end up here?
Well, if someone is interested in the full story, ask me.
I love talking about myself.
But I can give you the brief PowerShell history.

(And if you’re already bored, as I would think, go read @joshduffney ‘s post of Pester. Really. It’s good.)

After I finished school I was going to be a rock star.
But as this was the end of the IT boom,
people with computer skills was high in demand,
and I have been an avid computer user since I was six years old,
(You never forget your first C=64).
So I took a job as a hardware tester/builder at a distributor company until my rock star career would take off.

I first installed PowerShell way back.
I don’t even remember when.
But being a CMD scriptkiddie, I didn’t get it.

Until 2009 (2010? might have been..),
when I was tasked with improving a SQL/TFS creation script.
I rewrote it in PowerShell using google copy and paste,
and it was ugly but working.
If I find it, I will redo this post in script format.

Since the word was out that PowerShell was the thing,
I decided to replace my beloved CMD shortcut with a PS one instead,
and forced myself to use that instead,
replacing all my known commands with the PowerShell equivalent.

After a while I started using WMI,
and that was when the light bulb lit up.
I ran head first in to it,
and within a year or so
I had replaced all my CMD scripts with PowerShell instead.

Along came new PowerShell versions,
new tasks, and new discoveries (Remoting and modules in PS2!)

And here I am, almost ten years later.
Pester, DSC, the DevOps movement..
So much fun stuff to learn, use, test!

And with a new job.
As a Powershell Developer.
Until my rock star career takes of that is.