Monday Shorty – Note to self; select-string.

So.. another Monday shorty.
I promised a while ago to make a longer one soon,
and I will.. Big news ahead, but I am not ready to tell you yet.

Anyway, I keep finding that i always have to google or get-help on select-string,
so here´s my note to self:

PS: > gci *.* -Recurse | Select-String -Pattern 'function' | select Path,LineNumber,Line

Path LineNumber Line
---- ---------- ----
PS:\Function\functionTemplate.ps1 3 function $PLASTER_PARAM_FunctionName
PS:\Function\PlasterManifest.xml 5 KTHPlasterFunction
PS:\Function\PlasterManifest.xml 15

Also Todays useful link!

Now hopefully, this is enough to make me remember 🙂